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Cabin air filter FreciousPlus

The cabin filter that blocks allergens,
moulds and particulate matter

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Polluted air from the ventilation system.

Allergic reactions, asthma attacks and headaches: if the cabin air filter fails or is of poor quality, vehicle occupants don’t have much to smile about.

Cabin air filters ensure that drivers and passengers breathe in as few pollutants as possible from the outside air. And depending on where you happen to be, the levels of these can be very high. The air that flows into the vehicle through the ventilation ducts during driving, which can be as much as 540,000 litres per hour, contains around five times more exhaust gases, pollutants and allergens than the air by the side of the road. The sole and, therefore, the most important barrier between this cloud of pollutants and the occupants of the vehicle is the cabin air filter in the ventilation system.

Fresh air with FreciousPlus cabin air filter

Conventional cabin air filters only prevent particles such as dust, pollen and diesel soot, together with odours, from making their way into the car via the ventilation system. But allergy and asthma sufferers, children and frequent car travellers can now breathe more freely all year round, if the car they are sitting in is fitted with the FreciousPlus filter from MANN-FILTER. This latest generation of cabin air filters absorbs almost all allergens and prevents the spread of bacteria and mould in the passenger compartment.

With FreciousPlus, your health has priority

  • Traps almost 100% of allergens
  • Reduces the growth of moulds and bacteria by more than 98%
  • Blocks particulate matter almost completely (PM2.5)

Simple and short: FreciousPlus cabin air filter explained in 52 seconds.

What help can a cabin air filter offer? See for yourself!

FreciousPlus as barrier against allergens and bacteria

Allergens are generally tiny protein compounds that are found in pollen, for example. When pollen particles burst, these allergens are released and make their way into the interior of vehicles. The natural polyphenol coating of the FreciousPlus acts like a cage for allergens, trapping almost 100% of them (see illustration).

The additional antimicrobial coating of FreciousPlus blocks the outside air sourced nutrition of allergenic and sometimes unpleasant odor producing bacteria and fungi.

FreciousPlus Filter Replacement

Design of FreciousPlus

FreciousPlus Industriefilter Aufbau
  • Particle filter layer

    This high-performance filter medium blocks almost 100% of both coarse particles, such as road dust, pollen and tyre dust, and fine particles, such as particulate matter.

  • Premium activated carbon layer

    The use of high-quality activated carbon granulate removes unpleasant odours and harmful gases, including ozone, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

  • Biofunctional layer

    The special biofunctional coating, which contains natural polyphenol, is designed to trap allergens. An additional antimicrobial coating ensures that bacteria and moulds have no source of nutrition.

Why switch to FreciousPlus now?

FreciousPlus Activated carbon
filter CUK
Provides almost 100% protection against allergens
Prevents moulds and bacteria from penetrating into the vehicle
Blocks particulate matter almost completely (PM2.5)
Eliminates odours
Traps harmful gases, such as ozone, nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide
Almost 100% filtration of tiny particles
Significant reduction in diesel soot
Extends drivers’ concentration period and helps prevent headaches
Protects the air conditioning system

Find the right cabin air filter for your car!

Just a few clicks away: your FreciousPlus! Use the filter search to see which FreciousPlus fits your vehicle.

FreciousPlus cabin air filter pays off for everyone.

Issues relating to the safety and comfort aspects of car travel are becoming increasingly important. FreciousPlus from MANN-FILTER is the innovative answer. FreciousPlus also offers many other benefits for workshops and the trade.

The main advantages of FreciousPlus:

  • An innovative premium product that provides the best filtration performance
  • Safety and well-being during driving
  • Focus on the importance of regular cabin air filter changes
  • Air conditioning servicing now brings added benefits
  • Comprehensive sales support for workshops and dealerships

Use the model overview to find a complete list of all vehicles FreciousPlus cabin air filters are available for.